about me
I'm a Seattle-based writer, editor, and horror lover. I went to school for programming to support my writing habit, changed track, and ended up a video game writer. After seven years in the industry, I moved on to technical writing. Reach me at alisonfoo@alisonjmckenzie.com.
dark fiction
I write horror and horror-adjacent fiction, though I've been known to dip my toe in other genres. While I've mostly had short fiction published, I have some longer projects simmering.

precision editing
I've edited copy for Microsoft, Glu Mobile, and Protagonist Industries, and have developed a few in-house style guides. I clean up grammar and punctuation, and help you tighten and strengthen your sentences. You walk away with a nicely polished piece of content, ready for professional presentation, fiction or nonfiction. ≫Hire me

plot wrangling
As a developmental editor, my goal is to turn the work you've written into the story you were hoping it would be. I offer help with structure, plot, and character development. Your style, your voice, my support. ≫Hire me

my work


≫Game | Writer, Home by Dark: Riot of Color, Apr 2021

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