Alison J. McKenzie


I'm a writer specializing in horror, fantasy, and science fiction. I have a number of writing publications, including short stories, articles, and tabletop roleplaying game content. In my spare time, I write short fiction, I do freelance editing (primarily for Home by Dark tabletop RPG and associated play-sets), and I'm a game designer for the Danika Dire Series, coming soon from indie game company Games Omniverse. I'm also organizing a vlog series for an unannounced brand.

I started out studying computer programming, but my passion was video game narrative. I left graduate school to work full-time as a game writer for Guild Wars 2 through game release and multiple additional launches of live content.

As the editorial programming manager and copy-editor of, I expanded my skill set to include web copy-writing, editorial programming, and search engine optimization. I spearheaded a successful SEO site overhaul which led to a significant increase in organic site traffic.

After working as a narrative designer and copy-editor on Nicki Minaj: The Empire for iOS and Android, then returning to ArenaNet to write additional in-game content for Guild Wars 2, I am now a Knowledge Base Specialist for Expedia, which allows me to focus my creative writing energy on my own personal projects.

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